I’ve been wanting to write about our weekend at the Allen Family Reunion, but was so concerned about Jared that I couldn’t get my thoughts together. Jared has had a much better day today, praise the Lord!

10-03-05  reunion card2 192My mom and dad. 

10-03-05  reunion card2 063                        10-03-05  reunion card2 016

Dad (86) is the oldest Stump and Ila Allen descendant.  He and Mom celebrated 50 years of marriage this summer!

I have posted previously about our annual Allen Reunion, so I won’t do an in-depth study today. I just want to tell a bit about the WONDERFUL time we had, and show some pics of the weekend.

For the first time ever, we tent camped at the reunion. We have always had a camper of some sort, most recently Bill’s converted schoolbus. But, amazingly enough, they don’t let Pam go to college for free, as cute as she is; so we sold the bus 2 years ago after the reunion and Glen Rose. Although it was cold at night, it was great camping, and Bill makes sure we have most if not all the comforts of home, even in a tent.  For pics, see Bill’s site.

We had a horseshoe tournament…….

10-03-05  reunion card3 322                          10-03-05  reunion card3 335

Mikey and Michael were partners, but Michael had to leave before the tourney was over.

10-03-05  reunion card3 345 Miles Reunion Dad's cards 115 Nathanael

10-03-05  reunion card3 348 10-03-05  reunion card3 347

10-03-05  reunion card3 317 10-03-05  reunion card1 374 Watching the competition                                   Measuring for the point

 trampoline fun for the kids……10-03-05  reunion card3 374

 plenty of babies to hold…..

10-03-05  reunion card2 022 Reunion Dannye's cards 438

Baby Mikey, our miracle baby!          Emmie gets him to sleep Saturday eve……..

Reunion Dannye's cards 459 Adam snuggling with Em.

…..lots of visiting going on…..

10-03-05  reunion card2 035  

 and for me, a BIG SURPRISE!!!!!

10-03-05  reunion card1 157

                       I CAN’T HELP MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!

10-03-05  reunion card1 164

                              Emily said “I lied!”

10-03-05  reunion card1 167

              Granddad was DELIGHTED!

 Bub and Emmie had told us they couldn’t come because they had to be in Laredo on business, but they got loose a day early and came out for Saturday and Sunday. What a blessing. Michael, Bub’s cousin and best friend, said “You’d have thought Jesus showed up the way everyone ran to him!” It was funny, but we were all so surprised. Well, all but Dannye. She was in cahoots with Emily the whole time!

Breakfast is the big meal of the day both Saturday and Sunday.

10-03-05  reunion card2 307 Bacon, eggs, sausage, biscuits & gravy – what more could you want?

10-03-05  reunion card2 311 

Saturday, we wore color coded t-shirts.  The Bill Allens wore red.

10-03-05  reunion card2 312 10-03-05  reunion card2 232

Blue for the Harold Allens. Uncle Harold passed away last year.            Great, great granddaughter, Cameron

On Friday evening, Tony prepares his famous squirrel stew……. beef stew is available for those of us who don’t eat rats with bushy tails!

  10-03-05  reunion card2 140  Bill enjoying the squirrel stew….EEWWWW!

The host family prepares the evening meal on Saturday. The food is incredible, and we have sweets to “graze” on all weekend.

Midday on Saturday, we take a HUGE family picture, which we didn’t get because Bill’s camera chose that moment to rebel.  But Bettye will have one, so you can check her site in a day or two. It’s a sight to behold, since there are around 100 Allens to photograph.

Dan got shots of portions of the large group. 

10-03-05  reunion card3 238 10-03-05  reunion card3 236

As previously stated, Bill Allens wore red, Harold Allens wore blue…..

10-03-05  reunion card3 237 10-03-05  reunion card3 265

Thomas Allens wore yellow                          Bob Allens wore green……….

10-03-05  reunion card3 388 10-03-05  reunion card3 315

                                                     The Kenneth Allens wore purple

Saturday evening, after the meal and clean up, there are some playing cards or other table games, but several of us sit around (hopefully a campfire, but this year there was a burn ban) and sing. 

Reunion Dannye's cards 545 Reunion Dannye's cards 584

                   Marty                                                                Colleen

Marty plays the guitar, as does Colleen, Linda, Donna, …..And Tommy, Dannye, and Bill play the violin/fiddle.

Tommy also plays the mandolin.  Reunion Dannye's cards 576

Reunion Dannye's cards 542 Mark, Marty, and Matt have played in a band off and on for many years, so they sing lots of their favorites that have become our favorites as well. Tommy plays lots of hymns that we love, so we may have one “Pink Floyd” tune, then “There’s Power in the Blood” will be sung.

We so enjoy the singing and playing. Reunion Dannye's cards 605

It’s a little different than most sing alongs, but so much fun! This year, Colleen sang for us, as a bartering tool to get Emily to sing for us. I knew Em would sing whether Colleen did or not, but that way we got two for the price of one!  It was great!

Reunion Dad's cards 281 Emily singing “A Page is Turned”

Then, Sunday we have a time of worship.

Reunion Dad's cards 365

In the past, we have just sang hymns a capella, but this year we had help from Alan Jackson’s Hymn CD.

Nathanael gave a short devotional, Reunion Dannye's cards 613

then we had a memorial for those who have gone on to heaven before us. Big Daddy, Mamah, the Patriarch and Matriarch of this wild bunch, Uncle Ken, Uncle Harold, Uncle Bob, Uncle Tom, Aunt Dottie, Dean, Billy Michael, Danny Ray, Barry, and Josh, were all remembered. Different ones shared memories of our loved ones, and it was a sweet time.

Marty and Tommy playedReunion Dannye's cards 686

 as we all joined hands and sang “Will the Circle Be Unbroken.”

Reunion Dannye's cards 691 Reunion Dannye's cards 694

 It was beautiful!         Reunion Dannye's cards 699

After breakfast comes the dreaded chore of packing up. It is always hard to leave for home.

God has so blessed the descendants of Stump and Ila Allen!

10-03-05  reunion card3 295 10-03-05  reunion card3 037

Granddad and Jennifer                             Granddad and 2nd born, Martha

10-03-05  reunion card3 051 10-03-05  reunion card3 108

Beautiful Allison                                          Michael, close up and personal!

10-03-05  reunion card3 005    10-03-05  reunion card1 369

My sweet Adam                                                 Emily and Aunt Karla

10-03-05  reunion card1 121 10-03-05  reunion card2 101

                   Bill and I with our wild hair!                               Ahhh…Nothing like a great hair day!

       God bless your day!!   

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I am loved with God's everlasting love, and underneath are His everlasting arms - and I haven't gotten over it yet! I am also blessed to be married for over 36 years to the man of my dreams, and have 3 incredible adult children, an amazing son-in-law, a wonderful daughter-in-law, and SEVEN grandchildren: four precious granddaughters, three handsome grandsons - so far. I am a retired Home Educator, and loved every moment of it! We are empty nesters, and are endeavoring to embrace this new phase of life. God is so good!
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9 Responses to

  1. Great pictures! Looks like you all had fun!

  2. GREAT pictures, Mama! You got more written than I did—-probably a first, wouldn’t you say?
    It was so much fun. 🙂

  3. ligsar says:

    Looks like loads of fun!  And great pictures!  I can’t believe you got that many people together for such an event!  Wow.
    I got the biggest smile when I saw what Nate was wearing for the devotional- thatta boy!! 

  4. Anonymous says:

    Are we the greatest, or what!  Nin, your post is wonderful!  I sort of relived the whole reunion.  I have only edited about five pictures so far!  Every time I open the folder and see all those pictures I get overwhelmed. ha  I think it is so funny that I took 184 pictures and it is a drop in the bucket, compared to Dan and Bill’s!  The ones I love are the close ups, like the holding of hands.  Wonderful!  And I look forward to playing a game of something!  ha  As long as it is not Train.  That lasts tooooooo long. ha

  5. auntkarl says:

    Great pics Nin You could have edited the pic of Em and I and cut me out…That settles it though I’m on a diet as of now……
    I have lost about 10 pounds since working at IHOP.. so I’m on my way

  6. bowmachine says:

    Good pics and write up.
    Can you please send me an update on Jared.  I cant’ seem to get ahold of anyone who knows anything.

  7. bowmachine says:

    Hearing about tents reminds me of the Glen Rose trips.  It’s been a long time, I think 11-12 years since I was last there.  Does the Homeschool group still go?
    MrD and his original Flygita story is a classic.

  8. MrStranz says:

    very cool.
    Fun to think about the heritage…the generations being blessed by the continuity of committed affection within the extended family.
    Seems rare to me…
    Btw, we miss you, too… But I wouldn’t be surprised if God intended for us to gather within the coming year.  So, who knows when, but I still have high hopes…
    Regarding Jesus at the tavern, you’ll find that reference in Hezekiah, chapter 41.    …It just seems impossible to believe that he was accused of befriending the “tax gatherers and sinners”, friend of harlots and “winebibbers”, yet spent all his time wandering from town to town always only in the synagogue. 
    What has been to encouraging to me is the growing awareness that His love is a constant.  Unalterable by my failures.  What if I could really come out of hiding, confess my inadequacies and failures and have no loss of His love or His confidence that His grace and mercy are really all I need.  I am feeling quite liberated.  Not to sin, mind you , but liberated to be totally real with people.  Not telling them how it should be, but telling them how it really is.  That’s not my (our?) history.  I like this a lot better…
    Love to you all,
    Ps. the pictures really are terrific…

  9. hemicuda82 says:

    You guys have such beautiful family… what a great time together. 🙂 I love the pictures.

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