Church was amazing today.  First, Dr. Jerry Benjamin was teaching today (and continuing next Sunday) on the book of The Revelation.  If you’ve heard him, you know you really have to have your listening ears tuned to fast forward!  He is truly gifted by the Lord, and I was blessed, challenged, and convicted.

Nathanael and Emily announced their pregnancy at church this morning.  Many already knew, but there were plenty of “ooooooohhhhhhhhs” and “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhs”.  Pastor just about brought down the house declaring that he sure hopes to be around when “Nate is handling his own teenage son”.  Bub and Pastor got pretty close during Nathanael’s teenage years – alot of time spent in the Pastor’s office!

Many babies are forthcoming in our congregation…Emily is the only first pregnancy (Brandy is expecting her first, but doesn’t live here).  She will be in good company, though.  The other mothers are expecting numbers 8 and 10.  When we first came to NBBC, everyone told me that the best friendships are built in the nursing mothers room.  I never got to use that amenity, but have seen the wonderful relationships from those who are raising their children together.  We definitely have a blessed congregation.

Before I get off, I just want to post some pics that Bill was able to get at the MHS football game Friday night.  He and I work the Pass Gate at home games when we can, and we get to watch the game after the 3rd quarter.  Jeanne got to go with us this time, which was great!  My dear friend Lori’s 3rd born son plays defense for the Bears, so we enjoy watching him play.  Jeanne & I also graduated from MHS, so there is plenty of nostalgia there.  We won Friday night (48 – 42) after a double overtime tie breaker.  It was lots of fun, and I love Bill’s pictures.

dads Oct27 2006 football 052_640x480 The halftime show was the drill team and their dads (or other male figure they could talk into dancing with them).  They did a routine to “Greased Lightening” from the musical “Grease”.  Cute!

dads Oct27 2006 football 079_640x480 The Bears are actually purple and gold, but the field lights made their uniform photograph blue!

dads Oct27 2006 football 126_640x480 Running play…….

dads Oct27 2006 football 082_640x480 TOUCHDOWN!!!

dads Oct27 2006 football 156_640x480 Ethan playing defense 

dads Oct27 2006 football 281_640x480 Happy time!

dads Oct27 2006 football 345_640x480 Should have cropped this one, but got in a hurry.  This is probably not all the team, but is most of them.  They were gracious enough to pose for this shot because it was Lori’s birthday – she’s the athletic director’s secretary and they all just love her.

dads Oct27 2006 football 316_640x480 Ethan and his baby brother, Bryce.  If you can’t read it, Bryce’s shirt says “Brother Bear”. 

I’m off to bed now.  I hope you all have a blessed week!


About pettybunch

I am loved with God's everlasting love, and underneath are His everlasting arms - and I haven't gotten over it yet! I am also blessed to be married for over 36 years to the man of my dreams, and have 3 incredible adult children, an amazing son-in-law, a wonderful daughter-in-law, and SEVEN grandchildren: four precious granddaughters, three handsome grandsons - so far. I am a retired Home Educator, and loved every moment of it! We are empty nesters, and are endeavoring to embrace this new phase of life. God is so good!
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5 Responses to

  1. chix0rgirl says:

    Aww, Brandy’s expecting too? My friends are growing up!

  2. AuntGen says:

    What a fun time!  And to have our Bears win for us was great.  I love the pics, but there was one of the group shots that I liked better.  It must not have passed muster.  It was one of those where they were sort of cutting up and looked like they were really having fun.  I am glad the church has been let in on the “secret”.  If only we can get them to let the cat out of the bag at G-Dad’s!  Anyway, Love and strained peas!   

  3. AuntGen says:

    No, Love and Hawaiian delight! 

  4. pettybunch says:

    Ah, yes, Hawaiian Delight!!!!!!!!!!!  Although I also loved Peach Cobbler and plain ol’ peaches!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I just got it!!!!  Plum pudding!!!  Definitely plum pudding!  I always bought a jar for Scooter and one for me. ha ha  Peach Cobbler was not bad but that was past my babies.  Do you mean Dad and Chloe do not know about the baby???????  Thank God I have not called!!!!!  When are they going to tell them??????  I will need to be informed!!!  Good grief!  I could have messed this up!  And so could G and Motts!  You better let them know if Dad and Chloe have not been told yet!!!!!  Holy Cow!!!!

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