I’m noticing that many of these pictures are not showing up on my xanga page as good quality as they are in the computer program.  They really are good pictures!


Well, my big sister is whining, so I’d better post! We truly have been going 90 mph lately – if Mom and Dad have any more Dr. appointments, we might as well move into Sadler Clinic! We did have a break on Saturday and again on Tuesday, so I’ll tell my story with pictures and captions.

Saturday we went to the Herzog’s Harvest Fest. We had such a good time! They had all kind of activities, Chicken and Dumplings for dinner, a bonfire (singing included), and a hayride! What a blast!

Dan's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov                           Dan's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov

          Kids everywhere                                           Our hostess, Christina (& Co.)

Dan's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov The Scavenger Hunt

Dan's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov    The round bales were a hit.  


Dan's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov  Dan's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov

 Missy went with us, and had such a good time.  She’s often too shy to participate, but she joined in for everything the kids did.  She did the sack race, then they had a great obstacle course.  It was GREAT!

Dad's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov   Dad's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov

Dad's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov   Dan's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov

Dan's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov  Dan's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov

                        My 2 favorite men!                             Michael and Amy in the sunset

So then, the men were invited to compete in a building project.  They had to choose materials, tools, and design anything they could make with what they chose.  It was hysterical! 

Nathanael and Josh waiting to “Go”!                 I think they just wanted to wrestle!

Dad's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov        Dad's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov

 Dad's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov Dad's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov

The first pic is Nathanael’s teams’ effort – they decided (after they built it) that it might be a “manger scene”.  One of the team members’ son played baby Jesus.

The second pic is the winning effort – a windmill.  Bub’s team got 2nd, and Josh’s team 3rd.  I’m not sure I’d want any of it in my yard!

Dan's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov  They had a pie contest.  My Dannye Reigh won first!!!!!  She made a Blueberry – Cherry Pie.

 Dan's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov

 Of course it was cold, and the fire felt WONDERFUL!!!

Dad's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov  Dad's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov

            Singing and playing!                         Dan’s not sure about Bub’s intensity!

     Dad's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov         Dan's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov

                The hayride was a success.                   Missy got in the spirit of things!

Dad's Herzog Harvest Fest Nov

                                           Our hosts (and tractor drivers)

Em and Christina spent some time together. Dad's Herzog Harvest Fest NovThey are due the same day!

Okay, so that was Saturday, and I still have Tuesday to go!  Just a few pics, though.

Dad, Mom, Dan and I will be going to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with Pamela next week, so we decided (last minute) to have Thanksgiving with our local extended family on Tuesday.  Gen, Dan and I spent the day baking, and had such a good time!  Emily baked her first loaf of bread at home, then joined us in the afternoon for the rest of her baking.   

Dan's Thanksgiving Nov                  Dan's Thanksgiving Nov

Time for lunch.  We had cheese ball & crackers, veggie tray, chips and queso dip for snacking while we prepared dinner. 

Dan's Thanksgiving Nov   Dan's Thanksgiving Nov

I took a break to feed & rock Parker                Gen never takes a break!                  

We stuffed ourselves with Turkey & Dressing (Michael fried one of the turkeys – Yummmmm!), sweet potato casserole (my favorite!), mashed potatoes (Mom’s favorite), Em’s bread (EVERYBODY’S FAVORITE!), salad (we had to have something green!), and Red Velvet cake and Pecan Pie for dessert.  Then, while the grownups were visiting, Missy asked if anyone would play “Go Fish” with her.  I knew no one else would, and I love to play with her, so I volunteered.  Before I could even get on the floor, my DADDY climbed down there and said he’d play with us!  It was GREAT!!!!!

Dan's Thanksgiving Nov       Dan's Thanksgiving Nov

Dad has always played with the kids, but I haven’t seen him on the floor since I was little!!!  Just so you know, I won!

Dan took some closeups, but she wasn’t able to get everyone.  K had to leave early, Bill left shortly after her (he had to get up at 3:30 Wed. morning), and Gen & Em would kill me if I posted the one Dan took of them.  I’m substituting a gorgeous pic of Em from Sunday, just because she’s a joy to behold!

Dan's Thanksgiving Nov        Dan's Thanksgiving Nov

                           Kenny                                                     Granddad

Dan's Thanksgiving Nov              Dan's Thanksgiving Nov

                      Nathanael                                                      Emily

Dan's Thanksgiving Nov    Dan's Thanksgiving Nov

                        Mamaw                                                       Kunkle Daze

Dan's Thanksgiving Nov    Dan's Thanksgiving Nov

                Amy and Michael                                     …and yours truly!

Now I’ve posted, and it will take days for these pics to download for any of you “dial-up” people (like us!), but here it is.  God bless your day, and thank Him for the many ways He blesses us all!


About pettybunch

I am loved with God's everlasting love, and underneath are His everlasting arms - and I haven't gotten over it yet! I am also blessed to be married for over 36 years to the man of my dreams, and have 3 incredible adult children, an amazing son-in-law, a wonderful daughter-in-law, and SEVEN grandchildren: four precious granddaughters, three handsome grandsons - so far. I am a retired Home Educator, and loved every moment of it! We are empty nesters, and are endeavoring to embrace this new phase of life. God is so good!
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10 Responses to

  1. KatieWatt says:

    Looks like ya’ll had a blast!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

  2. cute cute cute cute CUTE!!!!
    THANK you for not posting that dadgum picture. Talk about,….well, never mind. Trying to think positive thoughts here. 🙂
    love you guys!

  3. AuntGen says:

    I didn’t see it, but thanks for dodging that bullet for me!  The pics of Sat. are wonderful and I love the ones of Dad playing go fish.  🙂

  4. auntkarl says:

    I seenn the one of your dad on the floor I said oh my word….. Who helped him up….? hehe

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks little sister for posting!!!  I am better now!  But not for long!!!  So don’t you all make me wait so long next time.  The pictures are all wonderful.  What a wonderful idea, Harvest Festival!  Just fantastic!  It all looked like so much fun.  And Thanksgiving sounded wonderful.  Next time you have an early TG invite me!!!  I’d bring pea salad!  The pictures of my Daddy in the floor…PRICELESS!!!!  I loved them.  I truly can’t remember ever seeing Dad  in the floor!  Much less, playing a game of Go Fish!!  Sounda like a great time was had by all.  The pictures show it!  Have a safe trip next week and give Pam hugs and kisses for AB!

  6. cnsavanna says:

    I always enjoy pictures, the wait is worth it

  7. AuntGen says:

    Daddy picked up the phone to call and invite you early that morning, but he was afraid it was too short notice.  I encouraged him to call anyway, but he didn’t.  It would have been great if you could have been there!

  8. pettybunch says:

    It was such a sudden decision, I’ll admit I never thought of anyone until I began writing this post.  Then I thought, “Why didn’t I think to invite Bettye?!!”  I tell you what, though….we really should have insisted on Mom and Dad building a bigger house when we talked about it years ago!!!  It’s crazy crowded there on holidays!

  9. Anonymous says:

    That was also a thought.  It would have been so crowded!!!!  I would give anything if they had more room.  It would be fun to pile in on them but then the stress would not be worth it.  I mean for them even more than for us.  I know they get nervous now with a bunch of noise, and Lord knows, we make a bunch of noise. ha  Martha mentioned a gathering of the Bill Allens at their place and I just think it would not work.  Last time they spent almost the whole day in the house and we spent the whole time trying to keep up with the kids and keep them out of the house.  I would love to see Dad especially.  Oh well, it won’t be long now.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Loved all your pictures………thanks!  And like my sister, LOVED seeing my Daddy on the floor playing “go sish”!!  Bob was always our floor/game player…  The pic of Michael & Amy (shadow) is so great…….what a cute couple.  And speaking of CUTE………..ohmygosh……….the tractor driver/host is a doll!!  Cuuuuuu —  teeeeee!!!  Really cute pictures of Missy playing.  I hate that she, KK & Haleigh don’t get to do the “yearly” picture thing.  Maybe at C’mas at B’s if they’re there.  Also, great picture of you, your mom & Daddy (individuals) and again, Michael & Amy.  Really cute pair!  Thanks for sharing.  And like Bettye, I thought……ooooooh, I wish I’d been there.  BUT absolutely not feasible w/me so far away – even when I’m in Texas………oh well……..glad you all had a wonderful time.  AND…….have a delicious time w/Pammy K in Florida.  Take care of Daddy & your mama………since I’m “living” w/this 94 year old……….I know how  S L O W  things can be w/them, ha!  LOVE YOU ALL…………

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