The Beautiful Shower

 Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 033

I think folks finally believe it is true…Michael and Amy are really getting married!  This summer!  July 14!  We had their first shower last night.  Danny, Pamela, Katie, Mel and I hosted a lovely party for these two very special people.

Those of you who know me also know that Michael has always been my first child.  Although he is truly my sister’s one and only, he has been mine from the time she became pregnant with him!  (Jeanne has always shared with me!)  Nathanael proudly counts Michael as his Big Brother, and credits Michael with making a real man out of him.  Both my girls adore him, and look for his blessing on any major decision in their lives.  Even the Watt family know that Michael belongs to the Petty’s!  So, we wanted to give Michael and Amy this gift to celebrate their upcoming marriage, and we had so much fun doing it.

Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 024 First, Katie and I tackled making the cake.  Emily was so excited when she helped me pick out the cake and the stuff to make it because she was initially going to help me.  Then she decided to begin early signs of labor, and I came down with Bronchitis, so we had to go to plan B.  Enter Katie.  She was so gracious to come help me, and actually did most of the work on it.  I told her we would either take the credit together or the blame!  Everyone loved it, though, so we were thrilled.  I told her that now that we know how to do the fondant icing, we need to learn how to do the wonderful, sleek look with Buttercream icing because fondant just doesn’t taste good!  After the shower we had plates and plates of blue fondant with the chocolate cake scraped off it!

Dan, Pam, and Kate went first to decorate.  It was beautiful, but Dan didn’t take any pictures of just the decorations.  We did blue and brown and polka dots.  So much fun!

Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 014  There were many from the Davis side of the family, I hadn’t seen some of them in years!  Even some of the men came, and Michael was so blessed by that.  This is Michael’s Aunt Cindy with cousin Tracy and her little Gracie.   Below is Tay-Tay, Tracy’s older daughter.Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 013


Michael’s Memaw was there, and she just looked beautiful!  Her hair was snowy white, and fixed like a dream.  Patsy, the eldest Davis sibling, is sitting with her Mama.  Patsy is one of the loveliest, sweetest people I know.

Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 012 Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 016 This is a view of the buffet table, and more of the Davis clan.  This charming smile in the front of the line belongs to Michael’s cousin, Mindy.  Nikki’s hubby, Chris is behind her.Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 048  Nikki is in the brown talking to Michael and Gen.  She is expecting her first baby in July/August.

Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 053



Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 005 Lots of church friends were there too.  Hulins, Castanons, Dansons and Mickie Roland all came. Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 046


Sandra is catching up  with Royce and Micki. 



Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 080 Carol and girls are watching the gift opening, which I have no pics of – Katie, I hope you got some!


Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 011 One long time family friend also came, Donna Hicks.  She and her hubby, Ronnie, go back with Mike a LONG way!


Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 009 All Amy’s family was there(except Mary; where was Mary?) – even Michelle, 2 days after her MAJOR car accident.  I didn’t post her picture because she might kill me – she looked like she was hurting so badly, but we are all so grateful she is alive!  Emily, Amy’s sister just under her, was glowing – isn’t she beautiful?!

 Lisa, Amy’s mom, was so lovely in her blue, and I think reality may have set in for Bill, Amy’s dad.  I’m pretty sure I saw a tear or two in his eyes.  Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 006

Jackie and Jason brought Evan and 11-day-old Elaina out.  

Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 032 Oh, she is gorgeous!   


Grandpa Andrews even braved the weather and came with Grandma.


Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 063 Not many Allen’s could be there, as most of us are from out of town.  But Aunt K was faithfully there with Missy –  Kenny backed out at the last minute! 

As at all our family events, there were children everywhere!  Josh and Amber were there with Baby Josh, who is decked out here for the beach!Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 017 Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 022





Chloe is here with Kara, working on her cheese cubes!Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 030  And John and James are being so good eating their snacks on the floor.  They were so cute in their jeans and button-up shirts!

Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 036



 Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 077

I decided not to do any shower games – I really needed Nathanael to pull one of them off, so I forfeited that idea.  The couple got some really nice gifts, and lots of gift cards and good old cash – the gift that fits every occasion!!!!!

Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 021 Now for the lovelies who were there (not that you weren’t all lovely, but you know what I mean)…Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 055

Mel & Kate (above, right), my gorgeous adopted daughters, without whom nothing in our family is complete!   Dannye (below, left) – my Girl Friday!  Pamela (right), the one who puts the fun into everything!  Kara C. (center), the dark-haired beauty.  Crystal Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 044 cropped(far right), beautiful serenity.Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 072Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 073









Mel and Sarah (below, Sarah on the right) – our up and coming beauty! 

Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 082 And Leah and Hannah, such sweet-natured and beautiful sisters.Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 066





And I TRULY don’t know what we would have done without Bill there!  He not only made the men who “don’t do showers” feel more comfortable, he also did the bulk of the clean-up afterward – even mopped the floors!  What a guy!  Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 086 Here he is holding court with part of his fan club…


Michael and Amy Shower May 25, 2007 035


I made Michael give a speech after the gift opening, not his most comfortable occupation!  But they were so blessed by the gifts, and wanted to thank everyone for their part. 

We are so excited for Michael and Amy!  God’s blessings on you as you prepare for your new lives together!


About Petty Bunch

The Petty Bunch is what we have called our family since Bill and I (Janina) began our family back in the early 1980s. We have gone down many roads together - homeschooling our kiddoes, enjoying the freedom of entrepreneurship many years, working at "real jobs" other years. Through it all, we have been loved with God's everlasting love, and have found that underneath are His everlasting arms! We are blessed to have been married for over 36 years, and have 3 incredible adult children, a wonderful daughter-in-law, an amazing son-in-law, and SEVEN grandchildren: four precious granddaughters, three handsome grandsons - so far. We are empty nesters, still enjoy the life of an entrepreneur and the freedom it gives us to continue enjoying our kids and now, their kids!
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5 Responses to The Beautiful Shower

  1. What a beautiful shower! I just know that Michael and Amy will treasure those memories. Y’all did such a wonderful job—and that cake is indeed GORGEOUS!! (WAY TO GO!) I’m sorry we missed it—but hopefully this baby will come before the wedding, so we can at least participate in that.   *grin*

  2. auntkarl says:

    It was fun until Missy slipped on the wet grass and went down in the mud.. but We cleaned her up and then the fun started again..

  3. Anonymous says:

    As I wrote Amy on her Xanga, I am so sad I could not be there.  I absolutely love all kinds of showers and hated to miss this one.  It looks like it had to be very successful.  What a great number of guests!  Your cake looked awesome!  I was never brave enough to tackle fondant.  Now that I read your comments about its taste, I suppose I’m glad I didn’t. ha  The secret to butter cream is a cold cake and icing that is not too stiff.  And, the biggest secret, after you get it as smooth as you can, you cover it all up with different icing trim and no one never sees the mess ups in the foundation icing. ha 
    I loved looking at all the pictures.  Thanks for alerting me to the fact you had posted them.
    Love you, Nonny!

  4. KatieWatt says:

    The word “fondant” will forever hold new meaning and fond memories for me! I had so much fun with ya’ll! Thanks for letting me help! I did get a few opening gifts pictures. Dannye and I are already planning a photo swap! 

  5. ligsar says:

    It’s now official… hello GRANDMA! 
    You do know that the xanga world is relying on you, Bill and Dannye to show off the baby girl in photographic form…..

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