She meets Granddad and Mamaw!

 Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 002 Saturday, June 2, was Granddad’s birthday.  He turned 87 years old.     Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 004







We went to the Heritage House for lunch, and had a great time.  Doesn’t Mamaw look pretty in pink?

Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 017 cropped Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 018 cropped






His 15th great grandchild was supposed to be born on his birthday, but Arulai Jean came a bit early.  However, she did get to meet Granddad on his birthday! 

Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 019 cropped  

I love to see my Daddy holding babies…he’s so tender with them.

Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 012




Both Daddy and Momma tried to talk to her, but Arulai just slept right through it all!

Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 014 cropped

Four generations – the lighting in the restaurant was gorgeous.  Bub and I didn’t get the pink memo!

 Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 046   




Beautiful Family……       

            Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 023

Pamela works at the Heritage House, and Linda is the owner/manager.  I’ve known her since I was 16 when she and her husband ran the local grocery store.  She couldn’t believe I could be a grandmother! 


   Emily took the time to teach Adam some important lessons of life – how to cross your eyes!Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 034

Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 033                

We took a few more pictures outside.  My Daddy has just in the last year shown obvious signs of aging – it is so very hard.  I am thankful, though, that Nathanael got to share his firstborn with his Granddad.  I hope Daddy has MANY more birthdays with his Grandkids and Great-Grandkids!Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 056   Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 061












Momma says she is beautiful, and if you knew my Momma, you’d know that she doesn’t say things she doesn’t mean!!! 

Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 085 Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 089 Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 065 





Grandad's Birthday June 2, 2007 097



It’s us again.  Aren’t we cute?  And Emily with her precious daughter – there is nothing more wonderful for me than to see this bond growing stronger and stronger!


I’d love for there to be more pictures, more words, but with dial-up and tired eyes, I’ll have to quit for tonight.  Have a blessed day!


About Petty Bunch

The Petty Bunch is what we have called our family since Bill and I (Janina) began our family back in the early 1980s. We have gone down many roads together - homeschooling our kiddoes, enjoying the freedom of entrepreneurship many years, working at "real jobs" other years. Through it all, we have been loved with God's everlasting love, and have found that underneath are His everlasting arms! We are blessed to have been married for over 36 years, and have 3 incredible adult children, a wonderful daughter-in-law, an amazing son-in-law, and SEVEN grandchildren: four precious granddaughters, three handsome grandsons - so far. We are empty nesters, still enjoy the life of an entrepreneur and the freedom it gives us to continue enjoying our kids and now, their kids!
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9 Responses to She meets Granddad and Mamaw!

  1. auntkarl says:

    Well I think since I’m the first one to post I’ll just say this…. BEAUITFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. chix0rgirl says:

    Aww… I love the restaurant pictures. That family shot is so precious and perfectly pretty.

  3. Abbiegirl says:

    Those are beautful!
    I can’t wait to see my mom tonight, I know you will miss her, but it will be great having her back, you look great in theese pictures!
    much love,
    ~Auntie Abbie~

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Sis, Thank you, thank you so much for the absolutely gorgeous pictures.  Dad and Chloe both looked beautiful holding Rue.  And Nate looked so happy and proud.  As I told you, my favorite pictures are of Daddy holding his newborn great-grandchildren.  He didn’t get to spend much time with my boys when they were little so I cherish the pictures of him with all the babies.  Did he remember to tell you I called for his birthday?  And Martha called the day before and Dad told her he had already seen Rue. ha  Then he told me he really didn’t think he had seen that baby yet.  Wasn’t sure, but didn’t think so. ha  God love him.  We did have a great talk.  I would give anything in the world to have been able to be with all of you for his birthday.  I know it was a great day for all of you.
    Much, much love to all. 

  5. mimijoan says:

    I am soooo glad you got the four generation pictures.  What a wonderful, Godly heritage for Baby Rue!
    Hugs,   G’ma Mimi

  6. i love these pictures. and i love my little girl even more. 🙂

  7. cnsavanna says:

    oh Mrs. Petty, what a blessing, I can’t even imagine the excitement over there. WOW is all I can say GORGEOUS!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to stop by and send my love to all of you.  How is Bill?  I try to keep him in my prayers.  I know he must be physically and emotionally exhausted.  I do hope you all get to visit us soon.  Just think, sitting outside in the shade, watching the river flow by. Yum!  I don’t know if you can come during the week but it will be a lot more peaceful this time of the year than the crazy weekends are.  Even with the flow at 5000 cfs, people are so glad to be on the river that they are floating on tubes and anything else they can buy themselves.  The outfitters are still only renting out raft trips with guides. 
    Loving and thinking of all of you.

  9. pamilvr says:

    I think after looking at this page, it would be alright w/ God if i were jealous….

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