Amazingly Wet and at a Standstill!

I never realized how hard it is to write a journal/blog regularly!  Before I had my job, and had so many other irons in the fire, I wrote and posted pictures at least weekly!  Well, while I realize no one but my sisters & sis in law, and very few others read this, I have loved doing it if for no other reason than to keep in touch with my distant and not so distant family.

This blog has also been an outlet for my love of writing, but I have learned something about myself… I cannot use this as a platform as so many others do because I have too great a fear of hurting someone with my words.  There are so many things I would write about in a journal – hurts caused by loved ones, outrage at certain ones or groups for behavior that I see hurting the cause of Christ, even opinions on child rearing, marriage, modest dress, etc. – that, were the whole world to have access, could be misunderstood. 

I hate to hurt others.  I would rather live my entire live with the grief of being hurt myself that to strike back or point fingers at another.  I am able to express my beliefs openly at times, but these are usually limited to those occasions when I have been invited by the listener to do so, or on the rare occasions when my indignation (read temper) becomes too much for me to hold in.  And even then, I struggle with wording so as to be understood without causing too much pain for the other – therefore I often leave them with a puzzled look on their face or with the wrong idea completely!

So, with that said, I have been waiting for something newsy to write about and NOTHING is happening around here other than rain, rain, and more rain!  My son, daughter-in-law, and grandbaby are visiting the other grandparents and family, so I can’t even give all those wonderful little details on the cute things Ari-Jean is doing or how she grows every day, or anything!  Bub and Em have sent me pictures via the phone, but you know how little you can tell by that.  I can see that she is still the most beautiful thing in the world, and that Bub and Em are having a great time!  I am so glad they are having this opportunity, even though Emily is missing the mildest summer we have had in this area in my remembrance!

My work day just got hectic; we just received 2 calls for fires to investigate, after several weeks without a case!  I hated to wish for a fire, but I’d sure rather be busy than sitting around doing nothing!  Did I tell you I love my job?  Especially when we are busy.

Bill and Dannye are doing 2 weddings the next two weekends.  The first is a dear friend of ours, and they are doing candids at the wedding rehearsal and at the wedding.  The second is Michael and Amy’s wedding, and they are doing the whole thing for that event.  We are so excited about this wedding!  I’m worried that Michael is going to work himself sick (well, he’s already not feeling well!), but there is still much to do, and little time to get it all done.  And Michael is a workhorse, so I know he will be fine. 

Dannye took Amy’s bridal portraits, and they are so good!  Dan is a really great photographer, and she had an absolutely beautiful subject!  I can’t wait until I can post some of them, but it is all very hush, hush right now!

Well, time to close the office.  Hopefully it won’t be so long until the next post!

God bless your day!!


About pettybunch

I am loved with God's everlasting love, and underneath are His everlasting arms - and I haven't gotten over it yet! I am also blessed to be married for over 36 years to the man of my dreams, and have 3 incredible adult children, an amazing son-in-law, a wonderful daughter-in-law, and SEVEN grandchildren: four precious granddaughters, three handsome grandsons - so far. I am a retired Home Educator, and loved every moment of it! We are empty nesters, and are endeavoring to embrace this new phase of life. God is so good!
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5 Responses to Amazingly Wet and at a Standstill!

  1. 🙂 It’s fun to read about what’s going on down there. So hard to believe that I’ve been gone for almost two weeks now!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You posted just in time, girl friend.  I was about to bail off Xanga forever. ha  I loved reading your entry today.  Because it was from you!  I can hardly wait to see Amy’s pictures!  She is such a beautiful girl, so soft and ethereal looking.  I can only imagine how she looks as a bride.  Oh, my! 
    Expressing your feelings on a subject doesn’t have to be done in a way to hurt people’s feelings, you know.  You don’t have to be confrontational to have an opinion.  I love to discuss opposing views on subjects, so long as both sides agree to disagree.  You know us Allens, we just loves to talk. ha
    Love you!  B

  3. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree w/your blogging message.  I almost get embarressed reading some entries.  It’s almost like reading an intimate diary instead of an open forum that anyone can read.  A private journal is one thing……..  And like you, I’d hate to hurt someone I cared about.  An open debate is different when you’re both present (or many) to discuss back & forth whatever issue you’re interested in.  But I DO love reading about your daily lives & what’s going on – and LOVE all the pictures your family posts!!  Being so far away, it’s the only way I get to “see” you.  Keep them coming & ask Dannye to include some photos of Dad & your mom occasionally when she’s over there.  Again, it’s the only way I get to see them.  I just send emails w/pictures to my sisters because they’re the only people that read my Xanga anyway, ha!!
    I can’t wait to see Amy as a bride.  Like Bettye, I think she is the prettiest thing!  Very soft & heavenly looking.  She would make a GORGEOUS fairy – ha.  Please post all the photos your site can hold, ha!!  I can’t wait to get to know her better.  I think she & Michael will make such a cute couple.
    I think you’ll be lucky if you get your grandbaby back in Texas.  Sounds like they’re having a wonderful time.  And like you said……..this has been the mildest weather for JULY!!  I even needed a sweater the evening of the 4th!!  Very cool in the low 70’s.  That’s unheard of for Fort Worth in July.  This rain is something else!!  The frogs are taking over Granbury, ha!!
    We’re (me, G & Chris) planning on spending a part of Friday w/Daddy & your mom.  Love you & see you next w/e!  Dodie

  4. AuntGen says:

    First, I am so glad you posted!  I always love reading what you have written.  Now:
    As for the boredom of this rainy season, I am blaming my pastor, as he said he prayed for a real life Amazon rain forest experience for VBS, and it hasn’t stopped raining since. 
    As for missing your kids and A. J., I will be glad when they come home and finish that house so they can move into it.  It seems like ages since I held or even saw that baby, and the countdown to the wedding has begun, so the best man needs to come home.
    As far as brides go, every person that has met my future daughter has said that she is beautiful and that she will make a lovely bride.  I have heard her described as  a porceline doll, the girl next door, an angel and now a fairy.  I cannot argue with any of these descriptions, but have to add that what makes her so beautiful is the adorning of the hiden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptable, the onament of a meek and quiet spirit which is in the sight of God of great price.  She does have heavenly blue eyes, but more importantly, she keeps them set on things above.
    Now, for the blogging – I am of the opinion that there are some things that are worth standing up for, but that we should pick our battles, though I am not always as discerning as I should be about which battles to pick.   Healthy debate is useful and even invigorating, but ungodly strife and contention over personal preferences is sin.  If we are going to blog and enable comments on the internet where our opinions are accessable to anyone who stumbles across them, then we need to be prepared for others to express their point of view, whether they agree with us or not.  The things that are worth “fighting for” are the things that pertain to the gospel, the things that are expressly reavealed in Scripture, black and white, right and wrong, good and evil.  If we aren’t willing to stand up for  those things (and I know you are), even when it might hurt someone’s feelings, we will find ourselves victims of cunning craftiness of men, tossed to and fro, carried about by every wind of doctrine.  If we choose to speak the truth in love, then we will be strengthened in the faith and can grow in unity in Christ. 
    I love your merciful, tender concern for others that makes it so hard for you to opine and sermonize about various issues.  I also love your zeal for our Lord and the convictions from His word that He has laid on your heart that puts fire in your eyes and the truth on your tongue when they are challenged.  – Your baby sis

  5. auntkarl says:

    Ok Gen enough with the words some of us hicks don’t understand…OPINE,onament.,hiden use real words girlfriend

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