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Date Night with Bill

Last night Bill and I had a date night.  We don’t have the opportunity for that as often as we’d like, so anything done together away from the house becomes a date for us! First, we drove to Houston where Bill … Continue reading

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The kids are back!  It is really good to have them home, although Bill and I really enjoyed our week all by ourselves.  Of course, we were rarely all by ourselves – high school football game, dinner with friends, pop-in … Continue reading

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High School Baseball?

I know it is time for High School Football, not Baseball, but since I like baseball better, and since these are the photos on my computer, I thought I’d post these.   I won’t write much about it; Montgomery came within … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday K-K!

 Today is a special day for us.  Today we get to celebrate the birthday of my Sis-in-law, Karla.  K has been a member of our family for 19+ years now, and Labor Day weekend is usually where her birthday falls.  … Continue reading

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The Courtship of Petty’s Daughter

Just so you will all know how dedicated I am, I must tell you that I had this post almost entirely done when our electricity flickered and I lost the WHOLE thing!  So here I am, starting over…Will has asked … Continue reading

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It’s official!See billseye for exciting news!!!more details later  

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