Yes, I miss her!

Allen Family Reunion 2007 Dan 705a_640x480   

Some day, when I’m awfully low,
When the world is cold,
I will feel a glow just thinking of you…
And the way you look tonight.
Allen Family Reunion 2007 Dad 361
Yes you’re lovely, with your smile so warm
And your cheeks so soft,
There is nothing for me but to love you,
And the way you look tonight.
Allen Family Reunion 2007 Dan 616a_640x480
With each word your tenderness grows,
Tearing my fear apart…
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose,
It touches my foolish heart.
Allen Family Reunion 2007 Dan 609a_640x480
Lovely … Never, ever change.
Keep that breathless charm.
Won’t you please arrange it ?
‘Cause I love you … Just the way you look tonight.

Allen Family Reunion 2007 Dad 363a


About pettybunch

I am loved with God's everlasting love, and underneath are His everlasting arms - and I haven't gotten over it yet! I am also blessed to be married for over 36 years to the man of my dreams, and have 3 incredible adult children, an amazing son-in-law, a wonderful daughter-in-law, and SEVEN grandchildren: four precious granddaughters, three handsome grandsons - so far. I am a retired Home Educator, and loved every moment of it! We are empty nesters, and are endeavoring to embrace this new phase of life. God is so good!
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6 Responses to Yes, I miss her!

  1. Awww….that is just about the cutest post in the history of the world.
    And I had to laugh for about five minutes just now— when I first saw your post, I thought you were talking about ME!! ROFL!! It took forever for the pics to load (wooonot for dialup) and so I was reading through the text thinking, “aww, she misses me!” and then—-ROO! Oh my gosh, it was just about the funniest thing ever. Anyway. I’m not self-centered. Promise.       Oh, it’s still so funny to me. LOLOLOLOL!

  2. AuntGen says:

    Don’t let her fool you, Emily.  She misses you, too. 
    I am enamored with these pictures of A.J., especially the ear kiss, where she looks like she is listening to you (Nina) telling her a secret. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Adorable pictures…………..& I love the “ear kiss” one best, too………”like minds”, ha!!  Isn’t it wonderful being a Nonny/Nonnie!!!???  I don’t have actual babies any more, but I still get lots of hugs & kisses from my big “babies”!!

  4. ligsar says:

    Those are GREAT pictures!!  I can’t wait to see her tonight. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    You know by now that I posted some pictures of Roo with Em, Dad and Dan.  I like the picture above where she is “blowing out the candles”.  ha  Precious!

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