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The Friends of Ruly Club

Dannye, Emily and Arulai went to a birthday party last weekend, and Ruly was a hit! Our chubby cheeked Munchkin with Mel, one of the birthday girls Ruly and Angela Intrigued by Jesse Posing with Vanessa  Conrad (the birthday boy) … Continue reading

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Pictures of…Guess Who?!?

On Mom & Dad’s porch, apparently listening intently to Kunk. Uncle The Rock taking her for a ride – she is definitely a country girl! Back at home, while Michael, Amy, Dannye, Emily & I played Phase 10, Arie-Jean worked … Continue reading

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I must not communicate well….

My last post caused an uproar among my loved ones!  I think that either I don’t communicate well, or you all don’t read thoroughly!!!!  I really tried to show how small things can seem really BIG to our children – … Continue reading

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I have been a mother for almost 25 years now (if you only count the time my children were outside the womb!) and I am still learning about this wonderful, amazing, difficult thing called motherhood. After losing our first baby … Continue reading

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One of the many reasons I married this man…

If you know him, you have no doubt why I married him.  If you don’t know him, here is just a glimpse…. This brings back so many memories – he loved playing with our own children.  And now he has … Continue reading

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