I just don’t like posting without pictures!

I keep thinking my family will take pictures of something I can blog about, or that I will blog about something my family has taken pictures of, but alas, I’ve been putting it off too long!  So here’s a bit of the Petty Life…

First off, Pamela has gone to Michigan to be with Will and his family.  She has been invited to go on their family vacation again this summer, and she is so excited!  Of course, she longs to be with Will; but she also loves his family and adores traveling!  They are going back to Mackinaw Island, which she loved last year. 

In just 17 days, Bill, Dannye Reigh, and I will be driving up to join them at Will’s family’s home.  We also enjoy travel, especially driving.  We will probably have to rent a car, as Bill is not real secure in the distance travel-worthiness of the Explorer.  It’s vexing to know that several hundred dollars of your vacation $$ goes toward just your mode of transportation, and not the fun stuff; although I will say it might be fun to travel in something more comfortable than the Explorer!

The work on the Cabin moves on!  I was a little afraid that after the Cabin Blitz, momentum would be lost.  Well, I was so wrong!  Bub had a small workday last weekend, and with the help of only 3 other men, the vaulted area of the ceiling was completely insulated and sheetrocked!  This was no small feat, as none of these men are professional, and Bill was shooting a wedding with Dannye Reigh for most of the day.

Monday evening, Nathanael sheetrocked the living room walls, while Bill tried to finish up wiring for lighting and switches.  It looks so much like there really is light at the end of this tunnel!  Nathanael even had Emily finalize her decision on paint colors.  I can’t wait for that part – Emily’s personality will really shine through!

Well, there’s probably more happenings in the Petty Life, but the telling will have to wait for another day – it’s time to go home now!

God bless your day!


About Petty Bunch

The Petty Bunch is what we have called our family since Bill and I (Janina) began our family back in the early 1980s. We have gone down many roads together - homeschooling our kiddoes, enjoying the freedom of entrepreneurship many years, working at "real jobs" other years. Through it all, we have been loved with God's everlasting love, and have found that underneath are His everlasting arms! We are blessed to have been married for over 36 years, and have 3 incredible adult children, a wonderful daughter-in-law, an amazing son-in-law, and SEVEN grandchildren: four precious granddaughters, three handsome grandsons - so far. We are empty nesters, still enjoy the life of an entrepreneur and the freedom it gives us to continue enjoying our kids and now, their kids!
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6 Responses to I just don’t like posting without pictures!

  1. The trip sounds like a great time! I’m so glad to hear the work on the cabin is continuing toward completion. I’m sure they will be enthralled to finally move in!

  2. Abbiegirl says:

    Hi Mrs. Petty,thanks for the update. I am SO glad the cabin is moving along, Em is SO excited to be finally living in a house/cabin. I’m very excited for her also. Thanks for loving her and looking out for her. I’m so glad she gets to drive up to Dalas and spend time with Nate. That will be so good for both of them. With work and everything going on, i can’t emagine they get much time together.Love and Miss you! come see us soon!Abigail

  3. pettybunch says:

    @Abbiegirl – Hi, Abigail!  I’m glad they got to go to Dallas together, too, but I have an ulterior motive!  We get to keep Arulai for 2 days!!!  She is so much fun, as you know. Hope you are having a better day today.  Love you!

  4. Abbiegirl says:

    @pettybunch – Roo is a TON of fun, i must agree with you. I wish i was there with you and Dannye, i hope she is being a wonderful baby. I can’t wait to se her again. I’m always amazed, she looks like Emily more and more every time i see her. But she has Nate’s eyes and curly hair. What a BEAUTIFUL baby!

  5. ALDOG1 says:

    Hi, Sister, so enjoyable to read a new post from you.  What day do you have the A Team again?  I miss those boys so much.  Al’s voice is so deep now and I’m sure Adam is going to be so grown up!  Derek is at sleep away camp right now.  He is at the Y camp down behind Old Town Spring somewhere.  He went Sat. and will be home Fri.  We are driving a Hundai Sonata right now and I LOVE IT!  There is so much front leg room that I can stretch out my legs far enough to lock my knees!!!!  It has 4 doors and drives like a breeze.  Very comfortable.  Only $30 a day, including tax.

  6. RahChild says:

    i’m so happy to hear all the work done on the cabin! it’s so exciting to see the last bits come together.  

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