While Emily Was at the Conference…


Last weekend Dannye Reigh, Pamela, and Emily worked the THSC Childrens Conference (CMT Conference).  Emily really wanted to stay closer to the conference (we live about 45 minutes to an hour away), so she asked if I would mind helping Nathanael out with Arulai.  Well, you know what a hardship that was for me, but I managed to find it in my heart to do it!   So, while Em and the girls were teaching, Arulai and I were having a fun time at home.

Friday night, Nathanael spent the night in town with Emily, so Arulai actually slept at our house.  She awoke Saturday morning and charmed her Papa into getting her up, then they both came to get me up.  We had breakfast, and I began to see what Papa’s plans for the day were – sitting in front of the computer all day!  He so rarely does that, but when he does he inevitably gets a headache!  So Arulai and I begged him to take us on a quick golf cart ride.  (I had an ulterior motive – I figured if I got him out of the chair, and outside, he would find something to do!) 

Our “quick golf cart ride” turned into quite an excursion!  Bill took Arulai and me down to the end of our road, then off we went into the forest.  We rode down a nice trail/road for quite awhile before it became more dippy and muddy.  But we were in an adventurous mood, so we just kept going!  I’m so glad we did, too, because we began to see some wildflowers I’d not seen up nearer our house.  Some of them I don’t remember ever seeing before at all. 

Forest Ride Rose of Sharon?

 Wild Potato

Forest Ride Purple Wildflower4

 Butterfly Pea

Forest Ride Purple Wildflower2

I just loved this little lavender colored flower.  It just looked so sweet and lovely.   

Orange Butterfly4

 Gulf Fritillary

Orange Butterfly2

This butterfly acted as though it was posing for Bill.  So much so, as a matter of fact, when Bill realized his camera was on the wrong setting, this guy was waiting for him to come get more shots!

Arulai Jean  

Bill snapped this shot of Arulai when we got back home.  She was so relaxed after our long ride.  She loves the golf cart so much!


Sunday afternoon, Bill and I were coming home from church when he asked if I’d mind stopping to see the newly opened Memory Park next to our Library.  It is a gorgeous place, with plans to expand and develop it even more.

Memory Park Fountain

Every aspect of this park is a memorial.  People made donations in memory of a friend/loved one and plaques, stepping stones, or other memorials were placed in that persons honor.  We had lovely weather for a stroll around the pond.

Memory Park

There were benches every so often along the pathway.  I’d have loved to have a photo of my hubby with me!!

Memory Park2

It will make a lovely place for a photo shoot!

Well, I’ve stayed up way too late for my own good.  I have to get up early in the morning for work.  I hope your week is a good one!

God bless your day!!






About Petty Bunch

The Petty Bunch is what we have called our family since Bill and I (Janina) began our family back in the early 1980s. We have gone down many roads together - homeschooling our kiddoes, enjoying the freedom of entrepreneurship many years, working at "real jobs" other years. Through it all, we have been loved with God's everlasting love, and have found that underneath are His everlasting arms! We are blessed to have been married for over 36 years, and have 3 incredible adult children, a wonderful daughter-in-law, an amazing son-in-law, and SEVEN grandchildren: four precious granddaughters, three handsome grandsons - so far. We are empty nesters, still enjoy the life of an entrepreneur and the freedom it gives us to continue enjoying our kids and now, their kids!
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7 Responses to While Emily Was at the Conference…

  1. Aww, what sweet pictures! I want to see that memory park soon. 🙂

  2. pettybunch says:

    @sunshinejoy717 – You would sooooo love it, Em.  When the weather cools some, I can just see you curled up on one of those benches, reading and enjoying the quiet.  It really is quite lovely!

  3. I love the butterfly pea! So pretty. What a great-looking park.

  4. ALDOG1 says:

    The park is lovely.  Is the library in Montgomery?  And you stinkers!  I never knew you had a golf cart!  Lucky dogs!  I assume it is one of Bill’s great finds or trades. ha   I tell Scooter every year how much I want a golf cart to drive around the camp area.  Lots of our campers bring theirs with them from home and they just zup up and down the camp road all the time.  They run up to the store and to get ice from the outfitters.  The chair is great for going from here to the ovvice, all paved roads, and even in parts of the camp but all the areas that don’t have grass have gravel, big rocky gravel that is so hard to drive through, some of it impossible. ha  The chair is so much more agile than the scooter was since the chair has wide wheels and the scooter’s were narrow and bogged down at the least excuse.  Arlon’s sister was selling her golf cat last year and I got so excited until she told me she was asking $1000 for it.  No, thanks!  ha  Has it been raining there?  First dry day here in several days but promise of more rain this afternoon.  Can’t complain about the temp being in the 80’s though.  That’s a good thing!Love and miss you,B

  5. pettybunch says:

    @ALDOG1 – We do have a branch of the MoCo Library here in town.  It is beautiful, too!  We do have a golf cart, but it is incapacitated right now.  This one is on loan from Bill’s work since it is between jobs!  We’re enjoying it while we can.Yes, it has rained for several days, mostly scattered showers until yesterday.  Like you said, the temps are nice, but it sure is soggy!!!

  6. AuntGen says:

    Your adventure with A.J. reminds me of the nature walks we used to take with Aunt Johnnie.   What great memories she will have of her Nonnie and Papa some day. 

  7. ALDOG1 says:

    I forgot to tell you that the picture of Roo is the sweetest thing ever.  Makes you just want to hold her and rock her to sleep.  Precious baby!

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