Another Weekend…

I am at home, alone for all intents and purposes – Dad and Mama are napping, and I’m at “our house” on the computer.  Bill and Dannye Reigh had a Bridal shoot today.  Then Dannye will be going to the bride’s shower and bachelorette party for more pictures, but Bill should be home in an hour or so. 

I’m enjoying these quiet moments right now.  I do not naturally enjoy my own company – I much prefer one or more, or  many more, people around me almost all the time.  But the quiet seems nice to me right now.  There’s not even a TV or radio on!  Those of you that know me very well are probably wondering if something is wrong with me!!

This morning I had a hard time facing the duties of my day.  I really wanted to stay in bed, sleep late, read or watch a movie, blog or surf on the computer – you know, “me time”.  Everyone tells us we need “me time”.  I have learned, however, that if I forego “me time”, whether by my choice or by necessity, my faithful Heavenly Father often rewards me with it!  Just like today.  I went ahead and got up, as I could hear Daddy puttering around in the kitchen.  I fixed breakfast for he and I, and when we finished we listened to some Big Band music for awhile.  Mama finally got up and after some help from me got her clothes on, took her pills, ate her yogurt and orange juice, then went back to lay down on her bed.  Soon after that, Daddy turned off the music and said he was going to rest awhile.  So I have had about 2 hours of “me time” that I didn’t expect, and didn’t have to carve out for myself!  It’s been great!

Mama seems to be slipping more and more.  She never knows where she is now.  She just accepts that she is at home, only because we tell her it is so.  She asks regularly, “When are we going home?” or “Where am I going to sleep tonight?”.  This morning she asked whose house we were at, and when I told her it was her house she looked somewhat surprised, then resigned that even though she couldn’t make it true in her mind, she knows we wouldn’t lie to her.  How sad that must be for her!!  And it’s breaking my Daddy’s heart!  Mama doesn’t seem upset – just confused.  Daddy is the one who is upset, always wanting to know what has set her off, or what we can do to help her.  It’s been so hard for him.

We have doctors appointments for both of them Monday.  We don’t know if there is truly a need to have Mama seen, but hate to ignore each digression if there might be anything they can do for her.  And Daddy still has his “pain in the butt,” even after a round of steroids.  I know they are going to send him to another doctor, meaning more time before he can get this taken care of, but we want to take all the right steps.  Having them both out of the house will also give us an opportunity to exterminate, since the bugs are beginning to wander in looking for water due to our Texas drought.  Lovely thought, isn’t it?!

Better go – Daddy just came looking for a Popsicle and a ballgame on TV.  I’m going to go sit with him for awhile before Bill and I go out tonight.  Karla and the kids are coming to sit with Dad and Mama while we’re gone, then Missy is going to spend the night with me and go to church with us tomorrow!  That will be fun!

Y’all have a super blessed weekend!

God bless your day!



About Petty Bunch

The Petty Bunch is what we have called our family since Bill and I (Janina) began our family back in the early 1980s. We have gone down many roads together - homeschooling our kiddoes, enjoying the freedom of entrepreneurship many years, working at "real jobs" other years. Through it all, we have been loved with God's everlasting love, and have found that underneath are His everlasting arms! We are blessed to have been married for over 36 years, and have 3 incredible adult children, a wonderful daughter-in-law, an amazing son-in-law, and SEVEN grandchildren: four precious granddaughters, three handsome grandsons - so far. We are empty nesters, still enjoy the life of an entrepreneur and the freedom it gives us to continue enjoying our kids and now, their kids!
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15 Responses to Another Weekend…

  1. I know the Lord will bless you for taking care of your parents. I know it has to be such a great challenge right now, with them being so fully dependent and yet having your own family “at home” still, but I believe you are showing them the greatest “honor” you can by caring them in the way you have.I’m glad to see you got some me time!My husband left me to go on a float trip today with the men of our church. I got a little peeved with him when I realized he left his phone in the car without letting me know he’d be completely unreachable all day. Then I felt a little bad, because he hasn’t had “guy time” in a while. 🙂 So I guess I can forgive him. Anyway, my point for all of that is that today has been a largely “at home with the kids” day with Mandi — the boys are having fun together but BOY are they ornery today!

  2. pettybunch says:

    I know just how you felt with Jesse going out without you.  I get plumb full of self pity when Bill has those opportunities!  Boy, do I need an attitude adjustment!!I’m glad you are having time with Mandy and the boys.  I always say give me those onery boys (versus passive boys) any day of the week!

  3. AuntGen says:

    I just thought I’d say that I made the appointment for Mom mostly to deal with her back pain, wondering if it is making the confusion worse than it would be otherwise.  Dr. S said that he would set up an appointment with another pain management dr. if her pain worsened, and it has.   Glad you had some time to yourself.

  4. You are doing such a wonderful thing, taking care of your parents in their own home  – I think about you often, when I start to fret about my mother, whether she is comfortable, getting the care she needs, what to do about things – the Lord brings you to mind.  God bless you!

  5. Yay for “me time”! I’m so glad you were able to have that today. (I did too. Ruly had a long nap this afternoon, so I was able to read a whole novel—front to back!) We sure miss you!

  6. pettybunch says:

    @sunshinejoy717 – A whole novel!  Wow – I don’t remember when I’ve read a whole paragraph without either being called by one of the folks or falling asleep!  I know how much that meant to you to have that bit of time to yourself, with a book!  I miss you, too!  I almost felt like I was with Bo as I watched Brandon play on TV tonight, and we texted back and forth!  It was fun.  Now when can WE talk!?!

  7. ALDOG1 says:

    Nina….this is Motts…I can’t tell you how I feel about you & Jeanne & what you’re going through.  I love you both so much & really appreciate what you’re doing.  I know that sounds so lame, but you know what I mean.  I often think what would have happened if we hadn’t put Mom in Cartmell when we did.  I wish now she were closer to me. She has the most wonderful care there but I’m being selfish wanting my mama near me to run over & even spend an hour w/her whenever I want.  Even tho she has no clue who I am, I know in my heart, she can feel me when I love on her when I do get to go visit her.  Our aging parents are the saddist thing in the world & I wonder what Bob & my state will be when the time comes.  I think the care will fall to my sweet Angie.  Again, I love you both so much for the sacrifices you’re making………Please give my Daddy a big hug & kiss for me & a really sweet hug for Chloe for me.  Hang in there!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am so sorry that your parents are experiencing health problems. Does your mother have Alzheimer’s? We went through Alzheimer’s with my husband’s grandfather, and it was heart breaking. I will be keeping your family in my prayers. I enjoyed reading the post about your daughter setting up housekeeping. My husband and I have been married for almost three years, and I can remember setting up my house for the first time… it was so fun! Many blessings to you and yours!

  9. pettybunch says:

    @ALDOG1 – Motts, I do understand what you are saying.  I also understand your wanting to be with your Mom even in her condition.  You are such an encouragement to Jeanne and I because you have gone on this journey ahead of us.  I love you!!!

  10. pettybunch says:

    @sarahdusenberry – Mom has not been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but simply dementia.  Her mother and great-aunt (who was my grandmother’s sister and raised my grandmother upon her mother’s death) both suffered with age-related senility/dementia.  Mom is nearly 81.  We have also seen major correlation of meds, UTI, and level of pain with Mom’s mental state.Thank you for commenting – I am always encouraged by new friends!  Blessings right back to you!

  11. Bettyeboop says:

    Hi, Sweetheart, I AM HOME!  PRAISE BE TO GOD!  I told Scooter I will never be gone this long (8 days!) again.  Lola made the homecoming the greatest I have ever had. ha  She did everything  but bring in a marching band, she was so happy to see me!  I had a wonderful trip and will post about it later.  I am so happy you had some quiet personal time.  That is something I cherish more and more.  I am so concerned for Chloe.  Her doctor should definitely be kept abreast of her condition  and each stage as she digresses.  There may be help for her in some way.  She seems to be in a rapid decline period right now.  You all must have some serious converations with each other as to what actions you are going to take in the future, as sad as that may be.  The Lord will guide your decisions.  I love you and Jeanne so.  B

  12. pettybunch says:

    @Bettyeboop – I am SOOOO happy you are home!  Maybe as happy as Lola!!  I have missed you!  I don’t know if you realize how much it means to me (and Jeanne) to get to “talk” to you, receive from your wisdom, laugh with you!  And when Motts comments occasionally – icing on the cake!!  You sisters are certainly precious to us!We, too, are really concerned about Mama.  She is definitely in a rapid decline – unless by some miracle this is medicine related – and we just don’t know what course of action to take!  As you have said, the Lord will guide us, as He has so far!!Welcome home, and post about your trip real soon!

  13. momstranz says:

    Nina, God bless you as you continue to lay down your life for your mom and dad.  Accepting that they are losing their grip on this earth is the hardest part, i think.  We so want them to stay and be and do and speak as we have always enjoyed them. May God give you peace as you watch them let go here in preparation for embracing Him there.  Peace to your heart. Love, pam     And so happy for the relaxing pockets that come to you!!    It’s our only chance for surviving all this with joy and peace!  

  14. suezzzque says:

    My heart breaks for you as I remember the way I felt when my own parents began to slip. As hard as it is to watch, in the end you end up with many precious memories. May the Lord bless and encourage you as you continue to care for them. You are an AWESOME daughter!

  15. pettybunch says:

    @suezzzque – So, so, so good to hear from you again.  I think of you often as I go throughout the day with my folks.

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