Why I Probably Won’t Get On Facebook…

Many of my friends and family have asked me if I have a Facebook account.  When I say no, they immediately say, “Well, you should get one!” 

There are many reasons I don’t want a Facebook account.  None of which are that I think Facebook is evil, just so ya know!  My daughter and Hubby are both on Facebook, as are many, many of my family and friends, so I truly don’t have a “spiritual conviction” about the merits or demerits of that particular social network.  It’s just not for me.

First, Facebook is to ADD for me.  Too much going on, too many games, too many applications that have to be waded through to get to anything real.  Too busy!

Second, as I have told many who inquire about this subject, I have far too many words for Facebook!  I can’t just say, “I love my hubby.”  I have to list the five million plus reasons I love my hubby!  I don’t want surface chatter.  I want real conversations.  And I also don’t want to know where your new tattoo is, thankyouverymuch!!!

But the main reason for my not getting a Facebook account is a result of my first experience of looking on Facebook with my daughter.  People will write/post ANYTHING!!!!  For all the world to see!!!!  A blog is a bit different, in that you have to purposely go to each persons page to read what they have to say.  FB and others of that type of social network have it all smack dab in front of you, if you are “friends” with someone. 

My heart was broken that first FB experience when I saw some of my beloved friends exchange dirty little comments, post photos of themselves in every manner of undress, doing lewd things, getting drunk.  Perhaps I would have known these things already, but to unashamedly post about them, even brag about them – I’ll admit to being shocked and unbelievably saddened.  My “mercy-gifted” spirit just couldn’t handle it.  I grieved for months, still grieve when it comes to my remembrance.  I guess I’m a baby, the weaker brother (Romans 14) but I’m just not built for that kind of knowledge.  I want to think the best of everybody, even if I know otherwise.  So it helps if I stay away from such public displays!

My son and I had a text conversation yesterday.  He asked if I was on Facebook. 

I said,”No, it’s too ADD for me.” 

He said, “Maybe that’s why I like it!” 

When I told him I have too many words for Facebook, he said, “Yeah.  That’s why I do Facebook.  I don’t have to think.  I just put something up like, ‘I’m hungry’, and everybody thinks I spend all day checking up on them!” 

I laughed out loud!!!

Again, if you have a Facebook, more power to ya!  There may come a time when I sign up, but I know my limitations, and Facebook is just not for me right now! 

God bless your day!



About pettybunch

I am loved with God's everlasting love, and underneath are His everlasting arms - and I haven't gotten over it yet! I am also blessed to be married for over 36 years to the man of my dreams, and have 3 incredible adult children, an amazing son-in-law, a wonderful daughter-in-law, and SEVEN grandchildren: four precious granddaughters, three handsome grandsons - so far. I am a retired Home Educator, and loved every moment of it! We are empty nesters, and are endeavoring to embrace this new phase of life. God is so good!
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18 Responses to Why I Probably Won’t Get On Facebook…

  1. I’m sad that you won’t get on Facebook! 😦 I understand your reasons, but i do wish you would give it a try. (By the way, not that it changes anything, but you can set your settings so that you don’t have to see everything others post or write! I have pretty stringent privacy settings, and it’s helped a lot with seeing “looky-my-new-tattoo” updates! Just a thought!) :)For my part, Iwas hesitant at first, but I’ve grown to really enjoy it. It’s kind of a break for me—I can just toss an update up to my status when I don’t feel like pouring myself out in the written word. There are just those days when interaction is NOT on my to-do list! It’s been really, really helpful for me with connecting with old friends up here, especially with my phone number changing when we moved. Everyone who did have it, lost it, and almost everyone whose numbers were in my phone had since changed theirs, too! We were able to “comment” back and forth to re-aquire our respective numbers and set up events and stuff. Whatever you decide, I’ll still love you!! Hahaha.

  2. pettybunch says:

    @sunshinejoy717 – But you’re not here to show me all that privacy stuff!!!  And I’m glad you’ll still love me!

  3. “And I also don’t want to know where your new tattoo is, thankyouverymuch!!!”I can definitely get that! LOL. While people have differing opinions on the spiritual rightness and wrongness of tattoos (and I have my own beliefs — total other subject, though), I think we could all agree that some of those posts are pretty distasteful.I updated my status yesterday regarding how sick I’ve been and one of my friends (who used to be a coworker) responded saying I needed to “kick some @$$.”Don’t really know what to do with that, but I really didn’t want it on my page.

  4. suezzzque says:

    After balking for a year I now have a facebook page. I do not do all the aps and delete or block anything offensive that comes my way. I miss the good old days when all my friends could be found in xangaland. Almost ALL of them have jumped ship and gone to FB so now I have both.

  5. pettybunch says:

    @suezzzque – I wonder if I could handle both!  I get sucked into the computer so easily as it is!!  I’ve missed your blogs, though.

  6. pettybunch says:

    @PrincessOfSeptember – Whether a tattoo is right or wrong is not mine to decide – I just don’t want to see someone’s tattoo that is someplace only her husband or doctor should be looking!!

  7. ABAHM says:

    I have a facebook account and it helps me to see and get pictures and keep up with the kids, both mine and others.  But I do not get on very often as it takes up too much time.  I would rather keep up with posts on xanga.

  8. AuntGen says:

    Ok, I need Emily or someone equally as competent to show me how to block the “distasteful” things people write or more especially “send”.  I just checked my fb,and someone that I barely know has “sent” me a male stripper!!!  I said “um..no thank you…” and asked her not to send me stuff like that anymore, but I want to know how to get stuff like that blocked!  Ikkk!

  9. AuntGen says:

    I was so wrapped up in my own horror at what I just saw that I forgot to comment on your post!  I know how sad it has made you to discover all the sordid details of people’s lives and I can understand your decision to avoid more of the same.  It is your decision, and while I am guilty of mentioning to you that you could link your xanga to fb, I will happily come to xanga to read your musings.  I also prefer the longer more meaningful posts, but as you and Emily pointed out, fb and xanga serve two entirely different purposes.  I’m sad that people are leaving one for the other.  Love you!  Gen 

  10. pettybunch says:

    @AuntGen – You have internet!!  Yay!!!!I am being careful to say “probably not” because there may come a time that I would get on FB.  I just don’t see it right now.Love you, and see you tomorrow!

  11. Mommy2Drew says:

    I like FB because I can keep up with friends all the way from elementary school up until now and it’s nice to be able to peek into their world!!! Plus, my family is 800 miles away so it’s one of our ways to keep in contact with a quick message or posting pics for everyone to see!!! Give it some time, maybe you’ll get more comfortable!!

  12. pettybunch says:

    @Mommy2Drew – I do see a few advantages, such as the IM aspect, and the finding old friends.  But there are many other ways of messaging and posting pics, such as Xanga, email, Shutterfly, etc., that don’t have that High School mentality going on.  Again, maybe some day there will be reason enough for me, but the scale is still tipped against.Thank you for subscribing and friending me.  I see you often on my precious daughter in law’s site.  Have a blessed night!

  13. Bettyeboop says:

    I guess all my friends are old.  I have never received a male stripper, nor have I been shown any tattoos.  But the only “young” people I have on my friends list are Dan, Al, Tab and Tab’s sister.  Also Scooter’s nephew and his wife.  Since they have a new baby and Al has Mila I get to keep up with info on the babies and photos.  One school buddy just returned from Alaska.  He posted photos all the time he was gone.  One friend went to the All Star baseball game and posted photos.  I just enjoy it.  The folks my age have a tendency to travel more and its fun sharing.  Also we pray for each other in time of illness and surgery.  Two school friends have just quit smoking and are supporting each other and the rest of of are supporting them.  One lives in Oklahoma City and the other near Ft. Worth.  I have six friends on Xanga, and that’s all I want.  I consider it my direct link to you all.  ha  But on FB I have close to 50 because of all my old classmates and my family.  I love reading someone’s thought or recent happening and commenting on it.  Then several people might comment on that and I comment again.  I love the dialogue.  We had a wild debate on healthcare one day and you know how I love a good debate.  I had to even become the moderator because two of the people were beginning to take personal shots at each other.  Apologies were made and we went back at it. ha  I do not want to link my Xanga and my FB because the stuff I write on Xanga would be of absolutely no interest to most of my FB friends.  Become a regular reader of Bill’s for a while and see if you like it.  And don’t go exploring.  By the way, I hate all the apps  I don’t want to take a quiz or survey or get a water balloon sent to me or even a heart.  Clutter city!!!!  Love you, punkin

  14. pettybunch says:

    @Bettyeboop –  How do you limit yourself to 50 friends?  Bill and Dan both have hundreds – and you can’t possibly have that many “friends” without seeing stuff I don’t want to see and know about!  Perhaps we (meaning us Pettys) just can’t say no to a friend request, I don’t know.  But many of the old friends coming back into our lives have no shame!  Even a few on your list of friends have embarrassed me with some of the aps sent to their friends, but shown on Bill’s “Wall” because he is friends with them, too.  I was looking up something for Bill on his FB while we were driving to church Sunday, and was horrified at an ap that was on his “Wall” while Missy was looking on with me.  As I said, people will say and do anything, and I just don’t want to see it!I love the idea of a social network.  I just don’t love it in reality!Love you, too!

  15. Bettyeboop says:

    I guess I just don’t look at the aps.  I don’t know.  I find them terribly silly and boring so I just skim right past them.  I haven’t noticed anything but hearts and food and water balloons and so many quizes it blows my mind.  They are so dumb.  What kind of flower would you be?  Which one of the Golden Girls would you be?  Today I have been asked to join in a pillow fight twice.  When I have to make a choice, I choose ignore and I say no to lots of people.  You all know more people than I do.  I don’t want lots of friends.  I remember when I was on MySpace and was trying to explain to Jessi and Jacey about their privacy.  They said only friends could see their stuff.  I told them they each showed they had close to 500 friends and they had not been alive long enough to have 500 friends.  I don’t mean acquaintances, I mean friends.  I also read them very quickly.  I go down to where I made my last post or comment and scroll slowly upward so I read in time line.  If I’m no interested, I don’t even read the comments.  I can catch up for the day in about 15 minutes.  Then a few hours later, do it again from the newest place I commented last time.  I might see lots more bad stuff if I looked slower, I guess but I really don’t.  There is one person on my list who shares a few things I would rather not know about sometimes but its her lifestyle, not mine.  You probably know who I am referring to.  She is on Bill’s list and Dan’s and Karla’s.By the way, I confronted her about her earlier indiscretion that you and I talked about when you were here.  She agreed she was out of line and apologized for sharing when she should not have.  I told her it was not our business to share and she agreed.

  16. pettybunch says:

    @Bettyeboop – You have just the personality type that FB was designed for, I think.  None of what you read becomes life-changing for you!  You know me – everything goes right to the heart!!I just love my Xanga – I love talking to you more than anything, and I have loved the few friends I have made here.  For right now, it is enough.I wonder if her agreement with you will alter any future behavior?

  17. Bettyeboop says:

    I don’t think there will be any huge personality changes. ha  But we have had several good exchanges since then.  So things are good in that area.

  18. Abbiegirl says:

    I love, LOVE love you!

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