My Valentine

My brain seems so full lately!  I am not a naturally organized person – my kids say their mama has the character quality of “flexibility” because I change plans and ideas so easily!  But one thing I have always seemed to be able to do is the fun things in life – you know, parties, holiday gifts and baskets, surprise notes and gifts, that kind of stuff. 

Every year for quite some time I have made my kids a Valentine basket with little gifties that were personal to them.  Nathanael could count on baseball stuff, Dannye usually had cats or chickens or frilly girly stuff, and Pamela had whatever phase she was in at the time – Barney, bunnies, handyman tools to help her Daddy, whatever!  I also fixed something sweet (Turtle candies) and romantic (my secret….) for my hubby. 

This year I just could NOT get myself together!  I got nearly everything I wanted for Arulai ready in time for mailing (grandbabies are priorities, you know!), but was only able to get the simplest gift ready for Bo and Em, and Pamela and Will.  Since I didn’t have to mail Dannye’s, I was able to do better on hers, but ideas for my sweet hubby simply failed me.  I grabbed a box of Turtles on one of my shopping trips, but nothing else ever happened!

YY YY YY YY YY YY  Now I know why… YY YY YY YY YY YY

Friday, Bill told me that he was taking me out to eat on Saturday, but wanted to leave mid-afternoon so we wouldn’t be out too late.  I asked Dannye if she could stay with Mama and Daddy for the afternoon/evening, so everything was arranged.  Bill had errands to do Saturday morning, including but not limited to going to a distant mall to pick up a dress I had on hold for Dannye, bought so we could all match at church on Valentine’s Day. 

I got to sleep in!  It was really nice, and of course I lollygagged around until I was later than the time he had stated for our departure.  He told me the restaurant was a bit of a distance, so he wanted to get an early start.  An hour late, I was finally ready, had Mama and Daddy fed and settled, and Dannye had arrived. 

My first surprise was when I got in the van.  Bill had bought me a beautiful bouquet of red roses!!!  They were (are) so gorgeous, and really special to me because he has really never liked the idea of spending money on something that will die in a few days!

Well, we got in the car, and our journey began.  What a wonderful, refreshing time we had driving to the “restaurant”.  I love riding around with Bill!  He enjoys driving, he loves to see new things, and he has probably driven every backroad between home and San Antonio, which was the route we were taking.  Because of Bill’s narcolepsy, I don’t often have an alert, captive audience to talk to unless he is physically doing something, so driving around anywhere with Bill is just about my most favorite pasttime! 

As we turned tward Round Top, Texas, I thought, “This is where Barbara’s sister has that Bed & Breakfast.”  But I truly never thought Bill would have that in the plan simply because of my folks.  Then he turned off the main road to “show me something he wanted to get a picture of” and even acted as though he weren’t sure of where he had seen this place.  He soon found it, and we drove into the driveway of Prairie Wind Farms.  Seriously, people, it is not at all unusual for my hubby to drive into a stranger’s driveway.  He is forever seeing something in someone’s yard that they “might want to get rid of”.  He stopped the van and got out telling me he had someone he wanted me to meet.

valentine day 2010 019

When she opened the door, I said, “Your Barbara’s sister!”  Prairie Wind Farms is the Bed and Breakfast I mentioned above, owned and operated by Stan and Linda Suggs.  Even then, they had to tell me we were really staying there!  Bill had arranged for Dannye to stay overnight with Mama and Daddy, and we had the whole weekend together!  I am still amazed and more blessed than I can say.  For Bill to take me on a special date is not unusual, but rarely does he try to surprise me because there have always been arrangements to be made.  Kids to find a sitter for, clothing to pack, calendars to clear, etc.  This time, he made all the arrangements, with the help of Dan and Jeanne, I understand.

valentine day 2010 020

We stayed in a really cute little cottage that had a sitting room area flanked on both sides with a bedroom and bath.  It was decorated so beautifully, and I couldn’t wait to make myself at home! 

valentine day 2010 010

But first…

Bill and I were STARVING!!!  Linda recommended Scotty’s & Friends, so we headed on to Round Top and found the quaint little restaurant.  We didn’t have reservations, didn’t know we’d need them, but Scotty’s had a full house because of the appearance of a German Band.  The good news was that many of the folks who came to hear the band were friends and decided to share tables, so that left a few tables open for others.  The band was adorable, the food was really good, and I also got to talk to Arulai during the meal.  (She called to say thank you for the “Wheetie Pie” book I sent her for Valentine’s Day.  She also assured me she was my “Wheetie Pie”!)

One of the most special parts of our night away was being able to sit together on the couch in the little living room of the cottage.  I know that seems crazy, but Bill and I never have opportunity anymore for what I call normalcy.  I loved snuggling up on the couch with my hubby to watch a movie on TV.  It was lovely!! 

Linda had asked what time she should serve breakfast, and while sleeping in is a luxury I don’t have very often anymore, I didn’t want to waste my time away sleeping!  We had breakfast with Stan and Linda shortly after 8:30 and had a great visit with this wonderful couple.

valentine day 2010 025

Then we got the grand tour before packing up to leave.  The Prairie Wind is a working farm with cattle, chickens (watch where you step!), a vegetable garden, a couple of bunnies, a gorgeous cat, and an adorable Australian Shepherd named Bonnie. 

valentine day 2010 029

valentine day 2010 028

They have B & B rooms upstairs in the main house, plus the Smokehouse where Bill and I stayed.

valentine day 2010 021

valentine day 2010 024


As hard as it was to tear ourselves away and move toward real life, Bill and I finally headed home.  We had a nice lunch in Brenham, took a really nice detour on some scenic backroads, then arrived home before dark. 

valentine day 2010 048

valentine day 2010 056

 Mama and Daddy weren’t quite ready to eat dinner, so we had a nice little break before “caregiving” began again.  A soft landing from a beautiful high!

I know you all know how wonderful I think my husband is, but I really need to say it once again.  I am continually amazed by his love for me, his tender care for my needs, and his desire to provide even my “wants”.  I am completely loved – how amazing is that????  If the Father’s plan for my marriage was to show me a picture of His unconditional love, He accomplishes that every day

Valentine’s Day is associated with romantic love, but while I most certainly have that with Bill, I had the blessing of experiencing God’s agape love in a very special way this Valentine’s Day.  Thank you, my Love!

THANKSGIVING!!!! 125.jpg

God bless your day!



About Petty Bunch

The Petty Bunch is what we have called our family since Bill and I (Janina) began our family back in the early 1980s. We have gone down many roads together - homeschooling our kiddoes, enjoying the freedom of entrepreneurship many years, working at "real jobs" other years. Through it all, we have been loved with God's everlasting love, and have found that underneath are His everlasting arms! We are blessed to have been married for over 36 years, and have 3 incredible adult children, a wonderful daughter-in-law, an amazing son-in-law, and SEVEN grandchildren: four precious granddaughters, three handsome grandsons - so far. We are empty nesters, still enjoy the life of an entrepreneur and the freedom it gives us to continue enjoying our kids and now, their kids!
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4 Responses to My Valentine

  1. ABAHM says:

    SMILING…so big.  I loved hearing about this on Bill’s xanga…but I really wanted to read your take   As my sister says, “he gets major brownie points” ( Bob wanted to know where he collects those points when she said he got some. lol )   Anyway, so wonderful to read of your darling, romantic, SURPRISE get-a-way.  I know how special it is to you as caretakers of your dear ones to have that time together…all on you own.  Really sweet picture of you two!  Your are beautiful.

  2. we’re pretty happy for both of you! 🙂 thanks for sharing all the details—girl versions are always a little more satisfying to me than boy versions. :)ps. your “Wheetie Pie” is looking at your picture, yelling, “Das’ my Nonnie! Das’ my Papa! Yay!”

  3. pettybunch says:

    @ABAHM – You are too sweet.  That picture was actually taken over a year ago, before I had my perm, and before my last 25 pounds had been added!  But it is one of my favorites, and I have lost 16 of that blasted 25 pounds, so perhaps I will look as nice again soon!  BTW, Bill wonders where all of his Brownie points are collected, too!@sunshinejoy717 – I forgot to add that Bill had Linda order a single rose with the title words to “our song”, “I Believe in Love” written on the card.  I had missed that on the bouquet he gave me at home, but didn’t want to mention it because I thought he just got in a hurry and forgot it!  Then, there it was, a lovely red rose (“no, it’s a crimson rose, isn’t it?”) with filler in a beautiful red vase, my favorite love sentiment from my man written right there!  God has given me a good, good, man!

  4. AuntGen says:

    “God has given me a good, good, man!”  Yes, indeed He has, and we all thank Him for that gift!

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