And a year later…

I was on Facebook, thinking about all these things going around in my heart and head, and how I’d love to write them down. I thought about this blog, and how much I loved writing all the years I was a part of the Xanga world (a blog space that is no longer). I came over to my page, and it has been over a year since I have written here!! I thought, “Wonder if I should try writing again?” So, then I had to figure out how to sign in! It took a minute to even find the sign in page, and once I did, I had to try twice to get ‘er done because I wasn’t sure which password to try. I’m here now, and as usual, the blank page is a little daunting! And rather than try to capture all those swirling thoughts and emotions I referred to above, I think I’ll just write a little catch-up post!

The biggest change in my life since February, 2016 is that our 7th grandbaby was born! Her name is Talia Jeanne, and she lives in Michigan with her Mommy and Daddy, and her 3 older siblings. So Bill and I have 3 Texas Grands – Arulai, 10, Titus, 7, and Selah, 6 in two weeks. The remaining 4 are the Michigan Grands – Chloe Grace, 4 (5 in September), Levi, 3, Micah, 1 (2 in August), and baby Talia, born this past March. All of our Grands are our LIFE, and we see them all as much as time and distance allows!

Talia Jeanne collage

Beautiful Talia Jeanne

Talia Jeanne

Detroit Tigers Girl, Talia!

Swem Babies Memorial Day

Michigan Grands, May 2017

Swem Babies July 4

Swem Babies, July 4, 2017

Petty Grands

Sweet Texas Grands!!

Petty Grands 2

Petty Kids, June 2017

I hope I’ll come back and write before another grandbaby is born! Writing is something I love to do, whether I have an audience or not! But, at the least, I’ve caught my page up on these little loves of my life!!

God bless your day!


About pettybunch

I am loved with God's everlasting love, and underneath are His everlasting arms - and I haven't gotten over it yet! I am also blessed to be married for over 36 years to the man of my dreams, and have 3 incredible adult children, an amazing son-in-law, a wonderful daughter-in-law, and SEVEN grandchildren: four precious granddaughters, three handsome grandsons - so far. I am a retired Home Educator, and loved every moment of it! We are empty nesters, and are endeavoring to embrace this new phase of life. God is so good!
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2 Responses to And a year later…

  1. I love this catch up blog, dear friend. It helps so much to straighten out who is who and who is where and how old and so on and so forth! So happy to have a blog from you. Please keep it up!

  2. Donna says:

    Love seeing you blogging again!

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